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SOLD "Die Abendschule" Newspaper 1938-1939 (10 Issues)

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Very rare issues of the Lutheran German-American Newspaper "Die Abendschule" from 1938-1939, based in St. Louis, MO and published by Louis Lange. All ten issues are from the middle of Hitler's quest to conquer Europe. Lot of Newspapers contains 10 different issues in various conditions.

Here is an excerpt from The German Historical Institute of Washington, DC:

During the newspaper’s last years, the 1930s, a shift can be detected. Even
aft er the National Socialist seizure of power in 1933, the paper remained
generally well-disposed toward Germany, but it viewed Hitler’s chancellorship
with skepticism.9 The tenor of the Abendschule’s German coverage aft er
1933 was certainly much less enthusiastic than the almost unconditional,
pro-German stand taken during World War I. Whereas during that war
Die Abendschule had supported Germany’s cause as defensive and just, in
1939 the paper withdrew from all reporting on war events, and the editors
explicitly turned Die Abendschule into a place of retreat—or denial.10
While the paper did not contain any overt anti-Semitic propaganda, the
Nazi regime’s anti-Semitism was not attacked either.11 By the time the
newspaper ceased publication in June 1940, however, the editors had come
to identify with the United States, turning their backs on the political and
human disaster taking place in their Heimat.

Written by: Björn Blass

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SOLD "Die Abendschule" Newspaper 1938-1939 (10 Issues) SOLD "Die Abendschule" Newspaper 1938-1939 (10 Issues) SOLD "Die Abendschule" Newspaper 1938-1939 (10 Issues)

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